Just like your driveway, your sidewalk is used constantly. Constant use of your sidewalk can lead to growing damage, dirt and other unattractive stains.

GME’ superior cleaning services uses a unique and through use of power and soft washing services to make sure your sidewalks look like brand new.

A sidewalk can be made of concrete material, paved material, a brick pathway or a stone walkway. No matter what type of sidewalks you have around your house, office building or any mall area, they will eventually become soiled with dirt and stains. Chewing gum stains and dirt stains are just a few of the different types of blemishes that will affect the appearance of your sidewalk.

GME provides several different services that will have your sidewalk looking spotless.

Our professional cleaners at GME, will use power washing service to clean your sidewalks. This power washing services uses hot water that will be dispensed at a high pressure to wash away any harmful materials from your sidewalks. While we do not recommend using power washing on your actual house, this method of cleaning is perfect for sidewalks, patios, driveways and decks.

Power washing can be extremely dangerous if it is not handled by a professional power washing expert. GME trains all of their employs in the most current form of power washing to ensure their safety and your safety. We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied.

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