Floor stripping and waxing

Floor Stripping and Waxing

We are a proud member of the CFCRA - Canadian Flooring, Cleaning & Restoration Association. Clients often ask us about the best time to strip and re-wax their commercial flooring. The answer depends on the amount of traffic your business has:

Our friendly, uniformed staff use only environmentally safe green-certified cleaning products. Our team is fully trained using the most modern and efficient cleaning equipment in the industry today. All team members have police security clearances - as required for each Building, Agency and Business.

High Traffic Floors like Shopping Malls and Automotive Dealerships require regular floor care to keep their premises sparkling clean. We recommended this service on a quarterly basis

Medium Traffic Floors, we recommend full floor maintenance twice per year, being mindful of the wear and tear that snow and salt damage will cause.

Low Traffic Floors require annual maintenance – with regular spot cleaning for your organization’s busiest areas.


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