About Us

Our Mission

To provide high quality cleaning services while making a positive impact on the environment, on lives of our employees and while offering top customer satisfaction.

At GME we take cleaning very seriously. Therefore, we provide GME’s six pillars of solid foundation to achieve customer satisfaction.

Trustworthiness Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Certification, Insured and Bonded

our team

Kana Selva

President, CEO and Co-founder

Kana is the guiding hand of the company. With just two employees, the company now is 60 employees strong and is growing rapidly.

Diya Ananth

CFO and Co-founder

Diya is responsible for GME’s past and present financial situation and is an integral part of the company's financial future. Diya has multiple duties, from financial reportage to deciding where and when to invest company funds. She oversees the capital structure of the company,

Libi Nada

VP, Operations

Libi is responsible for day to day operations and business and financial leadership of his business unit, including personnel and equipment. Under Libi’s leadership his business unit continues to grow. A keen eye for detail, Libi establishes and maintains a clear performance expectation

Jason Menezes

Sales and Marketing Manager

Jason is responsible for business development and marketing for GME. Jason brings in over 5 years of work experience and understands the nuances of the industry well. With a strong understanding of marketing and building client relationships through superior customer service,

Floriano Sarmento

Quality Assurance Manager at GME

Floriano is a quality assurance manager at GME. Floriano is responsible for making sure that the job is done right, every time, day in and day out. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Floriano brings in a unique set of skills.

Nikita Emanuel

Customer Care Manager

Nikita is committed to help new and our existing customers at GME. Nikita takes pride to educate our customers throughout every step of all the cleaning services and provide top notch information. Nikita’s strength is to build sustainable

Zera Li

Business Development, Vancouver

Zera, is responsible for building our Vancouver operations. Zera brings 10 years of Business Development experience and is responsible for developing GME’s business side of GME on the west coast.
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